First Round Wrap Up (Part 2)

So this will be a quicker version as I’m still figuring out a consistent schedule to get my viewers quality content regularly.

It’s Monday night and some of you are still battling for that glorious first win of the season. As NFL teams are finding out today, there’s nothing sweeter than waking up 1-0 and fantasy owners are feeling the same.

TB vs. NYJ

As a Jets fan this was a far more compelling game than just stats. There were still some takeaways. The Jets D looked good and I now believe warrant a matchup play in most leagues and certainly deeper ones. Geno Smith sure did look like he had a good first game out of the box against a rather stout secondary. He made plays with his legs and had some nice throws on the run, most important was the single pick. It came on a scramble that was a rushed throw and it was a ball that should have been thrown out of bounds, a rookie mistake if there ever was one. I’ll say this, a deep dynasty league would warrant a nice stash. a last note is that currently no receiver or RB from the jets is worth a look and only Kellen Winslow is a pickup in deeper or PPR formats.

The Bucs run game looked rough but I think that more of a nod to the Jets D than the Bucs running game. the Bucs are back to looking, “youngry” on defense but luckily maturity issues should be wrapped up quick with players like Revis and HC Greg Schiano. Vincent Jackson looked great and Mike Williams is showing his owners that he was worth a pickup. With guard Carl Nicks returning sooner than later expect Doug Martin to do well even against the better front sevens.


Not a whole lot of fantasy analysis here so just one paragraph. Jordan Cameron is now part of the group of TE’s that nobody ooh’d or aah’d about when you drafted him and will keep you in games some weeks. Trent Richardson threw up a dud but he’ll be fine. I know Matthew Berry is high on Lamar Miller but a guy who couldn’t win the job outright in training camp looked slow. Daniel Thomas is no Adrian Peterson and that should speak a lot about Miller’s talent. Mike Wallace is going to be the NFL’s version of Mo Vaughn, and Brian Hartline will be a fine flex most weeks. Outside of that there’s nothing else to touch on here.


The Colts looked alright here and you’ve got to be happy if you own Andrew Luck. In year 2 I don’t see him having any crazy box scores but the rushing TD was nice to see. The baseline for him should be between 1-3 TDs total and around 200 yards through the air. Another steady day for Reggie Wayne, some say this is a little higher than his usual output will be but I believe that if Luck is going to take the next step in becoming a dominant QB Wayne will be a huge part of it. As far as the RB situation in Indy goes lets say it’s a timeshare that Ahmad Bradshaw will take over 70-30 by week 5 or so.

Oakland showed that they will be an intriguing team to watch this NFL and fantasy season. I don’t like the receivers but Rod Streeter looked like he had the best chemistry with Pryor. And while we’re on him Pryor will be a sneaky little pickup in 2QB leagues but certainly nobody you would want to start in a standard one. Darren McFadden will drive owners crazy this year and i don’t want any part of him, good performance of bad. His O-line is maddening and will keep him from being a consistent fantasy option.

KC vs. JAC

KC had the game you expected them to have minus Dwayne Bowe. However, I think there are sunnier times ahead for the former fantasy stud WR. Jacksonville also played the game you expected but in a bad way. MJD will have better days as well but beyond that there isn’t much to talk about in this game. The only updates are that Jamaal Charles would have been fine to return had the game not been put to bed and Chad Henne will be starting next week due to Gabbert’s lacerated career…err hand.

NO vs. ATL

With the exception of Roddy White this was the fantasy game you wanted. White said later that he was out as a decoy but fantasy owners know well that hindsight is 20/20 but maybe next week if you have a confident option you can bench White. There’s no other analysis here except for the fact that ATL will run it more because this was a game where they faced an offense as talented as theirs, a rarity in today’s NFL.


Just a horrible game here. I don’t want any wideout from the Titans, or QB or TE, in fact CJ2K is the only one I want but he’s a low end RB2 with days like that. As far as PIT i can’t see myself confidently rolling with any fantasy player from this team.

GB vs. SF

They were offsetting deadball penalties! Staley shouldn’t have been charged a penalty! Clay Matthews’ hair makes me jealous! Whatever. It’s over and the fantasy chips fell where they did. Frank Gore wasn’t terribly inspiring bu that’s about the only negative. Vernon Davis looked great, Michael Crab… uh Anquan Boldin looked phenomenal and was Kaep’s new toy out there. And Kaep? Absolutely brilliant! he made plays with his arm, not his legs and will enjoy quite the season, like you didn’t know that.

Rodgers was also great. Finley, Nelson, and Cobb were great. James Jones had a bit of a fluke day but I’m not seeing big things out of him this year anyway. Eddie Lacy had a respectable showing in a game where he was facing a top run D in a game where it always felt like his team was throwing to keep pace. I’m not worried about the fumble because the only other RB to get a carry only got 1. He will have some astounding days as Green Bay has not had a running back with his power and explosiveness in a while. If you question this just look at that screen pass he grabbed.


We didn’t get to see the “secret plan” for Tayvon Austin and honestly I don’t think there’s much of one anyway. Jared Cook looked like a whole different player didn’t he? I now regret passing on him for a lotto ticket RB. The Rams RB’s remain an unsolved puzzle. And there isn’t much else to speak of.

Arizona looked improved with Carson Palmer but then again I had moments where I thought I could fill in for John Skelton last year. Now if only they had an offensive line made out of professionals… Due to Palmer, Fitz is back to form and both Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts were good out there. And all the talk about the mess that is the running back situation on the Cardinals was warranted.


The last game of the Sunday roundup had a lot of storylines. After 2 fumbles, a key block missed, and a goalline stuff David Wilson is t a place he knows well, Tom Coughlin’s doghouse. Seriously, it’s like he doesn’t feel comfortable anywhere else. I get that it’s fun to prove the doubters wrong, but you don’t have to play bad to create the doubts. Eli struggled out of the gate and somehow ended up with a decent stat line. Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks looks good. Check that, Nicks was good, Cruz was great. Don’t pupt much on Brandon Myers, as a guy who loved him last year I can’t see myself getting worked up for him this one.

Romo looked good out there and displayed toughness coming back into the game. DeMarco Murray had a nice game and nabbed himself some passes as well. Miles Austin was a tremendous value pick if you grabbed him and Witten was Witten. Dez Bryant was battling ankle issues in this game but lets face it, if he’s playing you’re starting him.

There’s your first week round up, at least the quick and dirty version. Check back Wednesday for some waiver/free agent adds, and some quick trade info. Hopefully you have any of the Eagles players on your roster tonight for your comeback effort.

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