Wavering Waiver Wire

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I just don’t see it like some. Maybe the talent is just jumping out and I refuse to believe it. Or maybe i’m right. Either way the waiver wire looks practically bare to me. It looks like fantasy owners are just scavenging the last bits of meat off the bones. However, there are some owners out there who depend on these guys to step up and perform and in a sea of would be one week fantasy wonders how do you find the ones who will break out? You read the rest of this article, and follow me @thefantasyforce for gameday tips and personal assistance for any and all lineup questions. The following list contains players that are likely still available in your leagues and I’ll let you know when they’re going to have their own personal birthday weeks, and a few who should be avoided at all costs.

Jerome Simpson

You won’t be getting any WOWs if you grab Simpson. But guess what? You shouldn’t be worried about impressing your other owners. You should be concerned with beating them. Simpson gets a bump if Cassel remains the starter (I don’t believe Leslie Frazier when he says it’s still Ponder). As long as there aren’t any reports that Cordarrelle Patterson is becoming more involved or supplanting Simpson he’s a worthwhile add in 12 team leagues. Need more convincing? Here are the Vikings next five opponents: Panthers, Giants, Packers, Cowboys, and Redskins. That’s kind of exactly what a wideout needs to become an every week fantasy flex. He’s on a BYE now so if he’s a free agent grab him before you have to rely on waiver order to see if you can get him.

Robert Woods

Helping out on twitter Sunday morning there was a guy who wanted to know if he should start Robert Woods or Harry Douglas. This has got to be a deep league if this is your flex conversation. I did a little research and found that Douglas was only out on 57% of offensive snaps (good news for Roddy White owners as that’s a sign he’s getting healthy) so Woods had more upside than Douglas. Hold on a minute while I pat myself on the back. Douglas had a serviceable game but Woods exploded burning the Ravens D and gaining the trust of fellow rookie EJ Manuel. With Stevie Johnson yet again dealing with groin and hamstring issues Woods may be leaned on more to produce, a task he’s all too ready for.

Mike Goodson

The man is coming off a four game suspension and Bilal Powell has been more than just a regular fill-in at tailback, so don’t count on his production this week or next as he gets back into game shape. However, in weeks 7 and 8 facing the Pats and Bengals respectively Powell will fall back down to earth right around the time Goodson is displaying his superb speed and catching ability. I think he’s a starter by week 9 against the Saints and Geno Smith’s long awaited safety valve. However, here’s a bit of bad news, and this is looking way down the line: Weeks 15 and 16 where you’re going for the crown the Jets face the Panthers and Browns. He’ll hopefully torch Baltimore in week 12 and that is when you hit the sell button as hard as you can and gain a valuable WR.

Jordan Reed

Hey I said it was bare out there didn’t I? Here’s the deal – Jordan Reed was Washington’s 3rd round pick. A former basketball player in the mold of Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates, and Julius Thomas. However, standing at 6’2 he is the shortest of the players named, and wow did you know Jimmy Graham was 6’7? Anyway, Reed is enjoying a week off which he needed thanks to a thigh issue that got some extra time to heal with missing last week’s game. Washington has a terrible defense and will be trailing often so when Pierre Garcon is double covered the middle will free up for Reed. A bonus? When teams look to integrate rookies into the offense more they do it on a BYE week.

Zac Stacy

So I guess I kind of whiffed last week on the Benny Cunningham call. Well I still think he ran better than Richardson it’s Stacy who is now in the mix for the starting job in the Rams backfield. Gun to my head (or really any part of my body) I believe that Cunningham is the most talented runner of the group but he is being wasted as the Rams kickoff return man. It’s possible that because of these extra duties that Stacy gets a look from the coaching staff. Against a Jacksonville defense that is let’s say less than fearsome if Stacy gets the nod for some extra carries he could impress.

Believe me it was tough to find 5 names out there who could make any sort of a splash and the order they’re listed is the order I’d want them in. That’s all we have for the waiver wire this week. If something comes to mind I will tweet it out @thefantasyforce

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