Waiver Duds and Buds

Maybe it’s an untimely injury. Maybe it’s the BYE week. Maybe it’s just a matchup you just don’t love.

There are many reasons a fantasy owner scours the waiver wire. And for some these moves pay off handsomely where they see their injured top WR’s numbers replaced by a guy who was in the right place at the right time to catch a deep ball. Some don’t work as a guy who had everything rolling for him: a steady production increase, a savory matchup, and the head coach saying they wanted to get him more involved, goes up and lays an egg.

It’s happened to all of us. Me personally? I’ve known the joy of nabbing Samkon Gado (remember him?) or Marcel Reece last season. So I have a decent enough reputation of finding the hidden talent that’s out there. So why don’t i share with you 6 players. 3 who you should steer clear (your duds) of and 3 you will remember fondly when you talk about great waiver adds 5 years from now (your buds).

Bud #1

Jerome Simpson – He is my numero uno bud not because he is a guarantee for production but because his ceiling is so high. Why isn’t he a guarantee for numbers? He has no idea who his starting QB will be. I think it’s Josh Freeman but who knows? Here is what he does have going for him 1) he plays the Giants this week 2) he plays the Giants this week 3) HE PLAYS THE GIANTS THIS WEEK!!! Sompson is your Hail Mary play here. If you had injuries like Cobb or Julio Jones, an underperforming guy like Dwayne Bowe or have someone on BYE like Denarius Moore and you NEED a win you should put Simpson into your lineup. I would take Simpson’s dud in this game (maybe 40 yards) with his upside (100+ yds and a score) over a mid range option like Rueben Randle, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Michael Floyd, or a new waiver darling soon to be mentioned.

Dud #1

Jarrett BoykinRandall Cobb is out and James Jones might miss this game so this automatically means the guy replacing him has nearly equal value right? WRONG I have nothing personal against Jarrett Boykin but I think we’re confusing a starting opportunity with what Randall Cobb brings to the Packers. I think he’ll have his games if and only if James Jones remains out. The Randall Cobb injury means an increase in work for Eddie Lacy, an increase in targets for Jordy Nelson, and an increase in usage for Jermichael Finley. To put it plain: It’s better news for those owners than it is for someone grabbing Boykin.

Bud #2

Keenan Allen – Here is a guy you are going to need number 1 priority on the waiver wire for. This stud in the making has has Philip Rivers’ back the past 2 weeks. Allen has found his knack for getting open and as evidenced on the post route that got him his Monday Night TD he has the benefit of good chemistry with Rivers. I only have him as number two here because he is going to be so sought after because after 2 weeks of stepping up we know this isn’t a fluke. if you’re at the back end of the waiver wire you didn’t even bother reading this and just put in a claim on him to go through the motions.

Dud #2

Garrett Graham – Don’t worry, I fell for the hype too. Graham had already produced with Owen Daniels active so with him currently sidelined Graham was about to become somebody you started with no hesitation. Except then all of a sudden he wasn’t. Matt Schaub, the guy who loved firing for his TE’s was injured and chemistry with a new QB takes time. Then there’s their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs. They haven’t faced an elite talent at the TE spot outside of Jason Witten but have been solid defending against the TE. And oh yeah! Graham isn’t an elite talent. He has a BYE after this week and then returns to face the Colts who have done a good job defending top talents like Antonio Gates and Vernon Davis. UGH IF ONLY THERE WERE A TE YOU COULD ADD THIS WEEK!!! oh wait…

Bud #3

Jordan Reed – Come on! There is still time to get on the bandwagon and tell your friends that you were on it from the beginning. The Washington professional football team is throwing it a lot, and after Pierre Garcon this is the guy RGIII is looking for. He was second in targets, catches, and receiving yards against the Cowboys. His production will continue to improve as Griffin’s accuracy gets to where it needs to be now that his legs are under him again. Had Owen Daniels? Picked up Graham? Don’t cry, Jordan Reed will take care of you. He also provides value to those Jimmy Graham owners waiting for MRI results like you’re an honorary member of the Graham family.

Dud #3

Zac Stacy – Hey wait a minute, Stacy has put up 2 serviceable fantasy games in a row, the starting job is clearly his, what’s the deal? Here’s the deal: Panthers, Seahawks, Titans, Colts, Bears, 49ers, Cardinals. Those are Stacy’s matchups through week 14. There isn’t a single opponent there who isn’t incredible at stopping the run. I want this guy to succeed but I just don’t see him having too great of a year. Hold on to him in a dynasty league, because if the Rams know what they have and don’t just see bleak stats he’ll be their lead back heading into next season.

Well there we have it. 3 guys you have to go out and get and 3 who should be avoided. These are the guys who you will tell your children about when you teach them how to play fantasy football. It’s the waiver adds now that are talked about when buddy’s get together for a night out. Somewhere he there is a Samkon Gado just waiting to be a fantasy owner’s brilliant pickup. These guys are why you brag, they change how you look back on a season. That’s why all my great waiver adds are now officially my buds.

Have a guy you think we completely missed? Maybe you aren’t so hot on some our the bud selections this time around? comment below and follow the fantasy force on Twitter @TheFantasyForce and we’ll address your needs as best we can.

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