Josh Freeman

This terror of a Monday Night Football game is over and I now see that Josh Freeman should not have started.
Leslie Frazier probably figured that the Giants would be their usual abysmal pass D. That Eli would sling a couple picks. And that he could bring Josh Freeman along slow.
None of that happened and in a game where you needed a QB who could go into a shootout Josh Freeman just wasn’t the guy tonight. Christian Ponder, not Josh Freeman should have started tonight. Should have saved Freeman for next week, and this game wasn’t Josh Freeman’s fault. It was Leslie Frazier’s.
Josh Freeman still hasn’t figured out what exit out of the Vikings facility gets him closest to his car so how could he possibly manage an NFL game at QB.
Then there’s the chemistry. The Vikings wideouts aren’t on the same page with Freeman, they can’t time out his throws, and they aren’t ready for the zip on the ball that Freeman puts. The timing is off and it was painful to watch. However before we get the torches and pitchforks to chase Josh Freeman out of another town just know that all of this failure is square on the shoulders of (soon to be former) Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier

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