The Inevitable Post About Trades

Bad trades happen. They happen for a ton of reasons. One guy thinks he buying low on a player who is gonna break out. Maybe an owner parts with a superstar because he doesn’t like the schedule come fantasy playoff time. Bad trades just happen. And they should happen, because if you’re in a league with friends a bad trade is something you razz them about for years to come. Remember when Bill traded Arian Foster for Brian Westbrook right before the 2010 season started? You get it?

Bad trades happen, and they are what make fantasy football great and competitive. I like to negotiate, which is why i suggest sending a friendly email to the owner you’re negotiating with. I like to buy low on players, and I do so by selling high on guys I own so trades I make seldom look fair the week they’re done. Sometimes it works out for me like when I sling an overperforming Darren McFadden for rookie underperformer Doug Martin. Other times I deal a boatload of players for Michael Vick…in 2011

Bad trades happen. They shouldn’t be vetoed, they shouldn’t be complained about, because they happen everywhere. Just look at the Trent Richardson trade. Cleveland looked like they were trying to tank following that fiasco and now that he doesn’t look so hot in Indy it looks like Irsay actually hurt his team. However there’s no veto in the NFL so now we know that Cleveland just might have known what they were doing. Have trust in your fellow owners that they do as well.

Have a trade that your league is up in arms about? Post it in the comments and I’ll make a ruling right here!

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