Making the Most of What Remains (WR Edition)

For some of you waivers will clear Wednesday while you rest up for another work day for others they clear Thursday as you viciously await Friday’s workday and beginning of the weekend. Either way we’ll provide waiver/free agent payers who are must adds as you head into this crucial stretch.

Here’s the reasoning behind my adds: I’m not adding a guy that I wouldn’t put into my starting lineup. It’s week 12 and the guys who look like they were poised to break out at the beginning of the year have either already done so or won’t do so until next season. This means that I won’t be talking about Cordarrelle Patterson and his brand new starting opportunity. He’s a sleeper for next season but beyond that he isn’t on my fantasy radar. With all that said here are my wideout pickups who should stay on your team.

Kenny Stills WR New Orleans Saints – He may be a boom or bust player but nobody booms louder than Stills. And in an offense that has such, “boomability” (not sure if that’s a word but I like it) as the Saints I like his chances to have a big day more than someone like DeAndre Hopkins or Tavon Austin.

Rishard Matthews WR Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins have some offensive line woes going on right now and that means that a lot of their passes are going to be short. This is where those little bubble screens and flat routes come into play, and that is where Matthews lives. Against an aggressive Carolina D I see a ton of short bailout routes by Matthews. Call him a safe lock for 6 points and a ceiling around 14 if he slips some tackles and gets a TD.

Santonio Holmes WR New York Jets – No this isn’t me being a homer. Holmes still has gamebreaking ability and others in your league will proceed with caution due to his supposedly cloudy QB situation.

Here’s a quick non-fantasy related rant. Just to clear that up for everyone: GENO SMITH IS THE JETS STARTING QB. Matt Simms threw a garbage time TD to Jeff Cumberland and didn’t do anything else to impress me. Geno has a much stronger arm than Simms, has legs to escape the ever collapsing Jets pocket, and  most importantly he gives the Jets the best chance to win. The guy has a suspect offensive line and at one point Greg Salas who didn’t make the Rams was one of our leading WRs. I don’t like what the Jets and Jets fans think of our starting QBs. Sanchez briefly met our lofty expectations and because he didn’t make it to the Super Bowl in his second season people started gradually turning their backs on him. We didn’t bring in any quality wideouts and let our offensive line deteriorate from Furgeson, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, and Woody to I don’t even know who anymore. It looked like Vlad Ducasse had things figured out in the beginning of the season and then immediately regressed. And franchise QBs have dealt with O line issues and less than talented pass catchers, but not both at the same time. You can’t expect a man to lead his team to victory when he’s running for his life AND throwing to castaways from the Rams. End of rant.

Now that I’ve gotten than out of the way there are my sneaky WR adds for week 12. I would feel comfortable with any of them as my flex and it never hurts to add another talented player to a fantasy roster. Stay tuned tomorrow for which RB’s you can add in a week where many of the top guys are out.

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