Browns Officially Announce Mike Pettine as Head Coach [Poll]

One of the highlights of Mike Pettine’s press conference came when he was asked if he was surprised to get a call from the Browns. His response is as follows.  “I was not surprised but those expectations were there at some point it was a goal of mine for sure a career goal. I know some guys that only want to progress to be a position coach or coordinate. I got the taste of being a head coach when I was a head coach in high school but again it was nothing that I actively pursued. When I’ve talked to young coaches and when I see guys heading down the wrong path I’ve always talked in terms of, ‘don’t look for a better job, do a better job’ and I always felt that if I put my head down and worked hard that the better opportunities find you on their own.”

Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts on the coaching hire. As always if you have any questions or something to say share them in the comments section!

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