Calling An Audible

Sometimes when you are in the game things change. The most important thing about changes are when you see them you have to make adjustments. That’s why I’m here to say that I, Andrew Jordan, the author of all the posts on The Fantasy Force will be changing the way things are done. I received an offer to be a contributor for the website For anyone who hasn’t been there I highly recommend checking it out and subscribing to the site, as we have just put out our offseason preliminary top 10 QB ranking and are soon following with other the other skill positions as well. Some of you may be asking what this means for The Fantasy Force. Well here’s the deal. Instead of individual player breakdowns, I will be breaking down entire teams and what their players will mean to your fantasy team next season. I will however, take any requests from any fan that wants to see a specific player looked at in depth. This along with NFL Draft analysis and free agency impacts. It is my goal to always provide my readers with top quality content as well as any and all interaction with me personally. 

The Fantasy Force will release a team a week aiming for Wednesdays and Thursdays. I thank you for your understanding at this time and truly appreciate all of the fans who check on this blog and share it with their friends. As I look to next season I will be setting up a fan league where hand picked fans of The Fantasy Force will get to participate in a league with me. I will of course be looking for the fans I interact with the most for this league so keep those comments, and twitter question rolling and maybe you could get a chance to play against me. 

Once again for more of my work you can check out and be sure to subscribe so you can stay updated, and as always, remain a Fantasy Force.

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