Making The Case For…RGIII

Making the case is going to be a brand new article for The Fantasy Force where I’ll examine players who have the potential to either greatly overperform or underperform what the fantasy community is expecting.

And for the inaugural post I’m going to look at one of the most hotly debated players recently. Without further ado…


Robert Griffin III was one of the most exciting players in the league when he debuted but last year we saw a different player. Potentially rushed back from ACL surgery and clearly not 100% Griffin was not the points juggernaut some owners were expecting him to be. The designed QB runs called by Washington were cut down which while it hampered his rushing value a bit kept him safer than if they were being used at his rookie rates.

This upcoming season we’re not going to be talking about RGIII’s rushing as much because his arm will be doing all the work. A lot of that is because of the talent surrounding him, and not just on the field.

Maybe not to us, but this man is terrifying to defensive coordinators.

Jay Gruden was the single most talked about head coaching candidate this offseason and when Washington essentially cleaned house he was their man for the job. And make no mistake, he is the real deal when it comes to offensive minds in the game. Let me break it down with some quick stats. Washington attempted 24 more passes than Cincy last season, but the Bengals completed 9 more passes and outgained the Washington air attack by nearly 400 yards and had 13 more passing touchdowns.



Those are numbers I can get behind. In fact there’s one more number I can get behind: 5. What’s 5? That was where Andy Dalton finished in total points among QBs. ANDY DALTON WAS FANTASY FOOTBALL’S 5TH RANKED QB (standard league scoring). Don’t get me wrong I think he’s a talented QB but not quite 5th. And RGIII has a stronger arm and WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY MORE talented pass catchers than Dalton/Gruden had at their disposal.

Jackson and Garcon can both run a bevy of routes over all areas of the field. Jordan Reed will have a monster year (his position coach is now the OC) and Andre Roberts was in the WR 3 discussion before D Jax hit town so I think combined with a strong run game, Washington is set to rival the Chicago Bears as, “NFL team who provides way more fantasy points and players than you originally thought.”

We know that barring injury to any, that Peyton, Drew, and Aaron will be the top 3 guys at QB but after that it comes down to personal preference. And I sure prefer the QB who has two top dare I say elite options on the outside, a TE that he has chemistry with, and a powerful running game. Oh and as I mentioned before he has a coach who knows how to make an offense click.

Like last year I will be waiting on a QB and if I can get around my unhealthy emotional attachment to Colin Kaepernick (I knew he was a stud when i grabbed him off the waiver wire 2 years ago, it’s a pride thing) I will be grabbing Griffin and making early plans for my championship game smack talk.

Think I missed the mark here? Got any players you’d like me to cover? Comment below and I’ll get it done for you!

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