Teammates Being Drafted in the Wrong Order

Outside of Julio Jones and Roddy White there isn’t a single set of teammates (at the same position) in fantasy football that you would not only draft, but also feel comfortable starting together on a weekly basis. And while I’m not about to advocate for drafting the following treammates together I’ve noticed in all of my recent mocks that some teammates are going in the wrong order. This could be due to perceived value, name recognition, or maybe the price for one player is way too high.

Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd – This is the pair that started the idea for this article for me. Fitz and Floyd are seeing their fantasy stocks rush in opposite directions. Yet somehow I’m seeing Fitz go a round or two earlier than his teammate. What makes this even more puzzling is that a lot of Fitz’s value last season was dependent on TD receptions (he had 10). I don’t see double digit TD grabs repeating itself and I’m actively avoiding Fitz in drafts, and I’m also grabbing Floyd the round after I see Fitz go. The Cardinals are going to turn some heads this season and Floyd will be a big reason why. His play is electric, and at 6’3 225 he will continue to be a problem for opposing defenses. Floyd will be a top 20 WR this season in Bruce Arians’ vertical attack, Fitzgerald will probably fall in somewhere around 25.

Ben Tate and Terrance West – In a fantasy world where people will say, “injury history” within 10 words of saying DeMarco Murray’s name, I am astounded that Ben Tate is ranked so high. Through his first four seasons in the NFL Tate has missed a total of 24 games due to injury (for comparison’s sake Murray has missed 11 through 3 years). These injuries were all incurred as Arian Foster’s backup. I can’t imagine that giving a guy who has missed over a third of the games of his career a higher workload will solve anything. And then there’s Terrance West. The third round pick who has impressed coaches with his quickness and burst. Pair this with head coach Mike Pettine’s repeated mentions of a RBBC and I have no problem moving Tate down my board some rounds and bumping West up 2/3.

Marques Colston and Kenny Stills – I’ve been a huge booster for Kenny Stills this offseason. He was on my early sleepers list, he someone I’ve been tweeting about whenever I can find a new stat. And he was the topic that closed out the NFC South podcast with some impressive stats. What I find amazing is that I have drafted Stills in every single mock draft I’ve been a part of so far. He’s just falling down draft boards. Meanwhile owners seem to be stuck in the past when looking at Colston. He was once a fringe WR1 but this season for me he won’t even be filling out a flex spot. With Colston’s athleticism on the decline there just isn’t much upside to putting him out there, and I personally don’t like drafting players that I won’t be confident in starting. The Saints are going to be a fast team on offense next season, Stills and rookie Brandin Cooks will benefit, Colston might just get left in their dust.

Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods – This may seem like an underwhelming pair for redraft leagues. However there are some key things to consider. When the Bills traded Stevie Johnson they did so no only because they got Sammy Watkins, but because they have enough faith in Robert Woods stepping it up next season. Hampered a bit by injury last season, Woods will be taking over the slot routes where Johnson made his money. Sammy Watkins also said recently that he needs to work on his chemistry with EJ Manuel. Which brings us to the Bills QB. A former first round pick, Manuel will feel the heat to produce in his second season under center. This means that if there is indeed some sort of chemistry issue with Watkins, Manuel will do what feels comfortable, and last season that looked a whole lot like throwing the ball to Robert Woods.

Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon – This was legitimately the hardest pair to be certain about. This is because a convincing case can be made for either player. However, for me I give the edge to Jackson because of his big play ability. I don’t see either WR regressing into not being useful for fantasy. They are both above average WR 2s. But (no offense to Garcon) Jackson is a special talent who just has a knack for getting open downfield. RGIII has a great deep ball and ones that would have been dropped by Aldrick Robinson last year will be caugh by Jackson this one. Add that all to the fact that DJax has two revenge games marked on his calendar and I start to salivate at the idea of pairing Jackson with an elite fantasy WR or RB on my team.

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