You’re Going to Be Hearing A Lot of This

So Sam Bradford is lost for the year with a torn ACL. This is (obviously) a crushing blow to Bradford who really did seem to have the confidence of both the coaches and the ownership in St. Louis. The question now becomes: what do the Rams do to move on? Shaun Hill is there and we’ve seen him be more than capable at the NFL level before. However, I have what I’m sure is a not so outlandish thought. Why don’t the Rams try and trade for Mark Sanchez?

It’s ok, I’ll give you a second to crack a joke there. But when you really think about it, it’s a move that makes too much sense not to happen.

Sanchez has been on fire since landing in Philly just a few short months ago. He has a zip on his passes again and is showing a nice combo of accuracy and touch when needed. Also, for what it’s worth, I personally believe he was never that bad of a QB with the Jets, but provided a convenient scapegoat for when the wheels started to come off after reaching the AFC Championship game two years in a row. Whats more is that Sanchez would be reunited with Brian Schottenheimer, his old QB coach turned OC in New York.

So this is a no-brainer right? Actually, not quite, for a few reasons actually. In a sheer business sense, the Eagles have all the leverage in any hypothetical trade talks. The Rams would vastly overpay for a QB who doesn’t have an entire offseason to prepare with new teammates. Sure, reuniting with an old coach is a nice story on paper but it’s not like the offense is the same in STL as it was in NY. Sanchez would have to learn a whole new playbook, and if you think that’s easy to do just tell me where Josh Freeman is after being run out of town by Greg Schiano and then thrust into the Vikings huddle. Sanchez won’t have timing down with his WRs either, and if you think THAT doesn’t matter, ask Tom Brady what it’s like going from vets like Wes Welker and Randy Moss to new guys like Dobson and Thompkins.

Last thing, Mark Sanchez hasn’t actually revived his career yet. Sure he looks great after a few months with Chip Kelly. But this has all been preseason action. Do I think there’s a legitimate chance Foles sort of falls off this season and Sanchez takes the reigns and reminds everyone why he was a top draft pick in his day? Not really (although the Sanchez fan in me wants that). And Sanchez knows this. So read about the trade rumors all you want, I think that’s one of the more entertaining things to read about in sports because we all get to fel like GMs even if it’s only for a second. But just know that there’s no chance this happens.

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