3.17 Chris Cheung and Drafting

I’m joined again by Chris Cheung (@FFDynasty101) of FakePigskin.com as we talk about 2 key components of drafting independent of league type: Proper Understanding of ADP and Composing Tiers. Chris has 2 invaluable articles covering these topics (links below). We also discuss the fun that will ensue when #SFB480 kicks off and thank Scott Fish (@ScottFish24) for the immense amount of work he does for the community.

His ADP one: http://www.fakepigskin.com/2016/05/11/throw-adp-out-the-window/

and rookie tiers: http://www.fakepigskin.com/2016/05/02/class-16-cheers-tiers/

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