Thursday 2 Minute Drill

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to run an out route so we can get into field goal distance. This is your Thursday 2 Minute Drill to quickly lay out who will be a Fantasy Force for you tonight.

Them J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS provide a few fantasy people who deserve a look.

Kellen Winslow Jr. – I’m starting him tonight in my 12 man dynasty league, and if your league size is 12 or more you should as well. That old adage that rookie QBs look for the tight end as a safety? true with Geno Smith who will look for Winslow Jr. early and often to get a rhythm going.

Geno Smith – In a 2 QB league and waited to take your second signal caller? Geno will have your back. Currently tied for 23rd I say by the end of this week Geno will be somewhere between 18 and 15 for total QB points. This is a gut call prediction but I say he shows maturity far beyond his 60 minutes of pro ball in this divisional rivalry tonight.

Some Patriots who will be impressing you tonight

Tom Brady – The Jets secondary is still strong but Brady doesn’t foul up too much and his faith in his wideouts has to be growing.

Stevan Ridley – A rough night here could spell danger for last year’s biggest RB surprise, that’s why Ridley will be giving it all he’s got.

Julian Edelman – Amendola is doubtful for tonight’s game so guess who will be running all of Wes Welker’s old underneath routes? It’s the same guy who will be running the down the middle streaks that Gronk used to run. It’s going to be a HUGE game for him.

Kenbrell Thompkins – I’m still rolling with him this week, tied for the team high in targets and will be facing a smaller rookie  in Dee Milliner while Cromartie and Landry chase down Edelman.

Now a spot made for big predictions, I said in my first post that Robert Woods would score against the Pats and now I’ve come up with a format for these types of calls.



Those are all your Fantasy Force members coming out of this game tonight. Fill your lineups accordingly and watch tonight’s game at 8 PM on NFL Network.

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