Drop Him

We all have them. There they are right there on your bench. They sit there as the Brian Hartline‘s the Marlon Brown’s and the Stephen Hill’s of the world get snatched up off of the waiver wire. But he’s such a big name that your league would call you crazy if you dropped him! Lucky for you, I’m not your league, and I don’t care what your league thinks. These are guys who won’t have a great season while there are still some lotto tickets out there like Robert Woods and Rod Streater and hey is that Isiah Pead working his way back?

Le’Veon Bell

Why not start off with a shocking name right? The Steelers are going to bring him along slow to not aggravate his injury further, so he wouldn’t be starting before week 6 or 7. Even then it would most likely be a timeshare with Redman. Maurkice Pouncey is done for the season so their best interior blocker is gone and the rest of the line is nothing to write home about. This is a line that would ruin Adrian Peterson so do you really feel comfortable starting anyone running behind them?

Lance Moore

A man that was a lock for the flex position a year ago has seemingly fallen out of favor in New Orleans. Here’s the caveat with Moore: He’s going to have a couple big games. However, these will come out of nowhere, and he would have probably been on your bench. Add a wrist injury to all of this and you have yourself a guy who won’t work his way in any fantasy goodness when you need it.

Montee Ball

The hype was real for the rookie coming into a stacked offense but there are more than a few reasons to worry. With the line banged up it will be Knowshon Moreno, (who is trusted more in pass protection) getting the valuable snaps at RB. The top priority for the Broncos is to keep Manning upright and Ball just doesn’t gaurentee that. With another fumble in garbage time his security issues could spell even less work for him if they continue.

Kenny Britt

Another Lance Moore type here. Britt was one a valued fantasy commodity but between struggles with his coaching staff and a lackluster passing offense and a QB that doesnt look his way too often I have no problem dumping him. A final thought on Britt: he tweeted that this was most likely his last year with the Titans, reminiscent of Beanie Wells who said that his final game last season was a “tryout” for the 31 other teams to show them what he was capable of. The result? Wells was benched and didn’t see the field. Teams don’t like you saying that you’re leaving and certainly won’t reward any player that does so.

Mark Ingram

You can pencil him in as your flex but I wouldn’t want him even as my 5th RB. A man who fails to impress every time he’s out there will destroy fantasy owners who wait patiently for any signs of life out of the once dominant college runner.

Bubble players – these guys should stay on your team…for now. They’re losing ground and soon will just be bench fodder.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

He’s ceding goalline carries to Bernard and lacks the explosiveness of his younger teammate as well. A few more weeks of Gio Bernard doing what he does and the law firm might as well take up a suit against Bernard for robbery of his once secure job.

Stevan Ridley

Here’s a fun stat: last week Brandon Boldin played as many snaps as Ridley and lined up everywhere. It won’t take Bill Bellichek too long to realize that a convenient way to get Boldin the ball is starting him in the backfield and getting Ridley a nice recliner in his doghouse.

Justin Blackmon

I like Cecil Shorts better and unless Blackmon can prove that he can survive on an enimic offense he should be one of the first people you’re dropping for a waiver pickup.

Got someone on your bench who is driving you crazy? Comment below and see what we think about him!

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