Brandon Weeden’s Mustache

No this isn’t an advertisement for some obscure Cleveland-based indie rock band. This is about Brandon Weeden and what he means for your fantasy team. The only format where he is a must own is 2 QB leagues where pretty much every QB should be owned. However, the stats he earns for himself aren’t the only way he affects your fantasy team. I’m talking about the guys he’s throwing to. Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon were earning themselves respectable fantasy names with solid performances for Cameron from week 1 and Gordon busting out after a two week suspension. The only thing is that Gordon’s value came with Brian Hoyer throwing him the ball.

The previous post lightly took Weeden to task for being the type of QB who is going to make the people around him suffer rather than raise them up. And I still think that’s true. However, I was able to see some of the good in Weeden holding onto the ball. Josh Gordon is a speed demon which means cornerbacks are taking an angle on him in coverage. Rather than straight backpedal they already have their hips adjusted on an angle (usually toward the sideline) to have a smaller hip rotation to not lose ground on Gordon. This gives the young speedster plenty of time to cut across the defensive back’s body for easy catches.

So what does any of this have to do with Weeden? How can we spin his negative into a positive and get Josh Gordon owners to back off of the ledge? Well, Weeden’s lack of an immediate release leads to Gordon being able to race down the field a little further. This allows Weeden to take more downfield shots. He actually has some success here hitting 6-9 throws that traveled more than 10 yards last Thursday. Need more encouragement? Weeden was 7-9 on throws to Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron. Still though if you watched the game, he looked slow with his release, stared down his first read, he just looked indecisive.

So how does any of this relate to the bizarre title for today’s post? Well I think I’ve got just the thing to help Brandon Weedon get his mojo back…grow a mustache. Go back to make sure you saw that, reread that sentence to make sure you got it right. Brandon Weeden needs to grow a mustache. I’m talking like a Ron Swanson one. Why? What does this have to do with fantasy? It’s simple, growing a mustache would be the most decisive thing Brandon Weeden has done. This type of commitment will lead to Weeden being more decisive on the field as well.  The ball will be fired out of the pocket faster and the entire fantasy community will raise Weeden up on their shoulders. Josh Gordon racking up 100 yards every game, Jordan Cameron averaging a TD catch a game. Can’t you see it? Can’t you see the glory that would come from growing the ‘stache. And hey, even if he is the same old Brandon Weeden after, what better way to win over the Cleveland everyman than with an impressive facial hair choice. It could all happen fantasy community, Browns fans, Brandon Weeden. It could all happen with the mustache.

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