What To Do With A.J. Green

A.J. Green was probably the second or third wideout coming off the board in fantasy drafts this year. So it’s safe to say that fantasy owners are a little more than disappointed with his performance so far as he ranks as the 11th highest scoring receiver. And you’re really angry considering that his ranking is inflated due to his 9/162/2 week 1 performance. Some of this is on Green but a lot of this lack of production falls on the shoulders of Andy Dalton. Dalton has failed to connect with Green on a consistent basis, and it has not only spelled danger for fantasy owners but also for his team. When the run game gets stuck in Cincy Dalton wil have to bail them out, and we just aren’t sure he can.

So with a QB who isn’t progressing and being the only legitimate pass catching threat on the Bengals is it fair to start considering selling AJ Green? I believe so. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not dealing Green for Nate Washington or Brian Hartline. However if I could swing it and get say a Randall Cobb I’d do it in a heartbeat. So here’s a list of who I would and wouldn’t want for AJ Green.

Antonio BrownNo – I know he’s on an offense that’s improving from week to week and they finally have their starting tailback but this is trading somewhat for the same situation but a different player. Brown also has a QB who can get him the ball a little better but being the only significant outside threat means bracket coverage or safety help over the top from opposing defenses. If you own Brown you should see if you can deal for Green while their numbers are still close together. Why? Because while Brown is an exceptional athlete AJ Green is just in a class with few others. Package Brown with your RB 4 or 5 and try and swing that deal now.

Eric DeckerYes – 47 is a solid number. 25 is just a number. This isn’t me just grading seeming random sets of numbers. Since week 2 Eric Decker has 47 standard fantasy sports, Green has, you guessed it: 25. The Broncos won’t stop being a pass happy offense, they won’t cool down. Know why? They won’t stop because they’re winning and they won’t cool off because these are all receivers that can dominate single coverage, and when you’re the “least threatening” player in the passing game you sure aren’t seeing the double coverage. Here’s a bonus for fantasy owners: Decker isn’t an attractive name: you might be able to tack on another player (just pick a position you’re deficient in).

Running backs – Unfortunately there just isn’t any particular name here you’d feel you were getting a fair trade for straight up. Doug Martin or Trent Richardson owners might listen to your trade talks but there isn’t a guarantee that you’re walking away with a 1 for 1 swap. Arian Foster owners aren’t ready to abandon him yet, DeMarco Murray is an interesting prospect to deal for, and Alfred Morris owners are probably waiting to see how this week goes. The problem with dealing away a running back is that there are so few that you can trust. This means that if you or another owner possess one you won’t feel comfortable dealing him away, if only because it makes setting lineups more matchup and guesswork based.

Tight Ends – There is a similar thing about tight ends that if you find a productive one you tend to run with him. You wouldn’t be able to get Jimmy Graham without giving away too much. and You have to wonder if someone like Antonio Gates can keep it up. If you’re a Green owner who needs some extra help try a package deal like Martellus Bennett and a #2 or #3 WR. I always like to push and get an ideal trade so when the owner counters he’ll be downgrading to a deal I’d still be happy with. However, if the Jordan Cameron owner has another acceptable TE on his roster I would offer that deal straight up.

So if you own AJ Green I encourage you to explore the deals you could get for him. If you own the Antonio Brown’s and Reggie Wayne‘s and Cecil Shorts’ of the world you should take a flier on him as his raw athletic talents could pull him out of his slump. Just be certain you aren’t giving away the farm. A decent #2 WR (the names just mentioned) and a less than impressive back (MJD OWNERS LOOK HERE) can make for a sneaky fake convincing deal. And as always if it isn’t accepted it at least opens up talks.

Last, here is a bit of trade advice. I like to talk up the players I’m trading, and also be honest about the guy I’m looking for. I HATE the, “used car salesman” owners who tell me how MJD still has immense value because he’s a starting RB, how T.Y. Hilton is the second coming of Dez Bryant,  and that there’s no way Marshawn Lynch can keep up his pace so I should deal him Lynch. If I’m doing the package deal i talked about in the last paragraph I’m telling the other owner how MJD has actually outproduced his current flex RB and how the Colts aren’t possibly going to forget about Reggie Wayne in the passing game.

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