Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is finally upon us and like everyone else this time of year has me feeling very thankful. And I truly am thankful for fantasy football. As a nerd/jock hybrid since high school I never really fit in with one particular clique. Not the strongest or most gifted athlete on the football team and not the smartest guy in my class there was no place I really was the best at anything. Then I was introduced to fantasy football by my friend Henry whom I had played soccer with. The V.F.L. or Van Fleet League, named after a field we used to hop the fence of and play football on Sundays was my first taste of fantasy sports. I couldn’t tell you where I finished because I don’t remember. However, I do remember wanting and missing out on Ladanian Tomlinson and instead having to own Peyton Manning…in 2004…when he threw 49 TD passes. I no longer play in that league but I will always be thankful to Henry and the V.F.L. for introducing me to the amazing community that is fantasy sports.
Moving along I’d like to express thanks to Mike G. A vendor who worked a few days a week at my last job, Mike is a huge fantasy football player and current commissioner of the Twisted Toolshed Keeper League. Those who looked at the previous post, can note that this is the league where I am the owner of ATJ’s Kaeptain. Mike is a dedicated father, a diehard Giants fan and an overall great guy to know. He may sometimes veto trades and he still probably believes the Giants can make the playoffs this year but he’s a quality fantasy player who is always making good adds and trying to wheel and deal with everyone in our league. He’s still the first guy I run speculative adds by to see what he thinks and his opinion is valued second to none. He keeps everything fun and competitive and for as many years as this league will run I will be a proud member of it.
While I’m on the subject of the Twisted Toolshed Keeper League I’d like to say thanks to all the people who participate in it. It’s a 12 team 2 flex spot league where everyone competes. This is a league where I’ve only ever met Mike and a guy named Vincenzo who I went to school with and invited when a couple spots opened up. Vin is another solid guy who I honestly might not be talking to regularly if it weren’t for fantasy sports. I’m crossing my fingers that we hold a live in person draft next year somewhere so I can meet most/all of these guys and put faces with (team) names. With all that said I want to thank them for coming back and diving into waiver wire each week. It’s by far the most competitive league I’ve ever been a part of and like I just said, as long as it’s going on I’m gladly putting down my buy in money.
I’m wrapping up soon but I’d like to extend a special thanks to a man named Chris Eberhart. Chris is someone I went to school with and was looking to start this blog with as he is a fantastic fantasy player and phenomenal writer. He is too busy with work to write a regular piece for the website but he gave advice and ideas that proved to be invaluable through the start of this blog. The conversations about topics to post on and design ideas for the blog I had with him were long and full of ideas from him that could have started dozens of sleek and successful blogs. He’s a guy that has had a lasting impact on the blog and anyone looking to follow a quality writer can find him @ChrisEberhart2.
Last but certainly not least I’d like to thank anyone who reads this, anyone who has keeps coming back to read the stories and advice I give, and anyone who follows on twitter. One fan in particular, Daniel Meekins who can be found on Twitter @MrMeekins_ was really my first true fan. This is a gentleman who I don’t know but always has top notch questions on Sundays. He comes back week after week and if this blog ever becomes something big his questions will still be the first ones I answer. I know postings aren’t as consistent as I would like them to be and that will be getting better but for now everyone who reads, follows, comments, and asks questions on twitter @TheFantasyForce will always have a special place in my heart.
So get out there, be with your loved ones, heap the turkey, the sweet potatoes, the gravy, and the cranberry sauce on a plate and have great conversations with whoever you’re with. Kick back and enjoy the NFL games later in the day, and best of luck to any fantasy teams who have players going in these games.

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