On Returning

The only sad part about fantasy football is the end. Especially when you have not one but TWO SECOND PLACE FINISHES. There is something to knowing that there may be other major sports and fantasy seasons but something about them just can’t compare to fantasy football. This is why The Fantasy Force will keep updating players throughout the offseason. Other fantasy sports questions will still be handled via twitter @thefantasyforce but in the new year the goal is to do a wrap up and analysis on every player who will be a part of your fantasy season in 2014. We’re going to look at what coaching changes will effect what players and their value going into next season. We’ll break down free agency implications. And of course we will breakdown the NFL rookie draft in all of its glory. We’re gonna give you sleepers for next season, some early rankings, and by the time next fantasy season rolls around the fantasy force will have full blown coverage to serve its fans. So if you are looking for a way to get a leg up on your competition keep up to date with The Fantasy Force. In fact go and tell your friends to do the same. Anyone who wants can check out the twitter page for the force and notice all the fans satisfied with their help. And if you have a specific player you would like covered early on just tweet @thefantasyforce and a post will be up ASAP. Here is to not just being a factor next season, but being a force!

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