A Season on the IR

This post is roughly 10 or so weeks late but there’s a reason for that.

The first year of The Fantasy Force was hastily done. Set up on the day the 2013 season began as a way for me to keep my writing sharp it was fun and I was shocked when I built up a small audience and gained some fans who would tweet me lineup questions on Sundays. It was something I always wanted to try and it ended up being a ton of fun so I decided to give it a go for the full 2014 season.

The idea of podcasting came to me for the new season and I invested in a microphone, made sure I had stats and interesting things to say for episodes, and reached out to a friend who was musically inclined for a theme song. Things started rolling and all of a sudden I was doing division recaps, making pre season rankings, and establishing a league for fans to compete with me in.

The first few weeks of the season went by and while adjusting to a new work schedule I was still managing to put out articles. I was knocking out questions on Twitter and most of my preseason picks were working out nicely. Then one day I open up my laptop and see the image at the top here.

My research tool, my recording studio, my everything for The Fantasy Force was behind those cracked pixels. Dejected I stuck to Twitter answering questions and tweeting out my thoughts Monday mornings as I headed to work (via public transportation, don’t text and drive).

So rather than dwell on the subject I just offer this up as an explanation for the lack of posts and podcasts this season.

As far as the future goes, I’ve renewed TheFantasyForce.com as a domain so I will be returning next year prior to the rookie draft. I’ll be doing offseason pieces as well looking at different strategies for drafts as well as evaluating individual players. Consider me the third year WR who is absolutely going to take off next saeason. For those who have tweeted lineup questions and such thank you for your continued support and the best of luck to you during the championship weeks!

p.s. Be on the lookout next week for another post

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