What Happened to RG3?

Sometimes things in the NFL puzzle fantasy players. Why doesn’t Lamar Miller got 25 touches a game? Why isn’t DGB getting more playing time? Why aren’t we just tossing jump balls to Mike Evans ALL THE TIME?

But one I just can’t seem to get a real handle on is What happened to RG3?

The guy has some next level skills on the field and set the league on fire in his rookie season. Then a torn ACL in his playoff debut seemed like it would change everything. The once invincible franchise savior seemed anything but. His charisma which became such a huge part of his play style seemed to go once he donned that gigantic leg brace. The playcalling in Washington changed to accommodate a mobile QB only working on one leg. The read option was gone, and the mobility that made RG3 a feared QB was ignored in favor of getting him on the field as quick as possible.

Now I’ve written about Griffin before and it’s pretty clear that I was a fan then, but I ignored something big. Bringing Jay Gruden in to HC Washington was one of the worst moves when it came to getting the most out of a unique talent.

Most coaches would adapt their playbook to get the most out of a real difference maker at the single most important offensive position. But Jay Gruden who still thinks Dalton over Kaep was the right move (I’m making a lot of bold calls here) felt content to have his explosive QB sit in the pocket and launch it.

Well now RG3 won’t be in Washington anymore and reports have anywhere from 8 to 16 teams that would be interested in picking up the 2012 #2 overall pick. You could pretty much list any team that isn’t sure there have the long term answer at QB on this list.

The Browns, Texans, Jets, Cowboys, Rams, 9ers, Broncos, Chiefs, Chargers, and Cardinals should all definitely be having internal discussions regarding the fit and potential pitch to RG3.

Now using my home game version of NFL GM I like Griffin in Cleveland. Hue Jackson gets a pivotal piece in his new offense, the franchise QB, for relatively cheap on a 2 year deal. a rejuvenated RG3, Duke Johnson, and the return of Josh Gordon paired with Travis Benjamin. All that under the tutelage of Hue Jackson could place the Browns as one of the more entertaining offenses in the NFL.

Robert Griffin III could still be a revolutionary player in the right offensive hands. And for someone that enjoyed watching him throw a dart to a receiver only to run 60 yards down the field to meet him in the endzone. The NFL needs more guys that are having fun out there. More Newtons, more Mettenbergers, more RGIIIs…

Now on to the 3 and out where I quickly hit 3 players, topics, thoughts, etc.

3 and Out – Overlooked Rookie WRs

Tajae Sharpe – I’ve been tweeting about Tajae Sharpe since the beginning of the college football season. A solid route runner that displayed good hands and great body control, Sharpe played at UMass where his usage always struck me as odd. I know you can’t just feed one player nonstop but Mark Whipple’s offense had me saying, “Why aren’t they throwing it to Sharpe?” Usually these exclamations came right as Blake Frohnapfel let it rip to Sharpe along the sideline, and when he had space from his defender he was good moving with the ball too.

Rashard Higgins – For a guy that’s credited as such an explosive player his numbers all over don’t match up. 4.64, 32 inch vert, 13 reps of 225. Side note: if I was able to rep out 225 for 13 reps I’d be telling everyone I know about it every single day. What I see in Higgins is a project but it’s the kind that often works out. It’s easier to have a prospect that does the on the field things right and just needs to work on the physical attributes. A guy who catches with his body needs to retool how he does everything from how he runs to the way he looks the ball in. I’d rather have a guy like Higgins that needs to work on speed in and out of breaks that already does most of it right.

Malcolm Mitchell – Mitchell runs so smooth on the field you can mistake his fluidity of moves for speed. And this is where his 4.45 40 comes into play. I’ll take a 4 and a half that runs and cuts smoothly over a 4.3 that doesn’t have good footwork running his routes. That 40 time means a lot but you have to watch film to see if the straight line speed is transferred to the field. Other thing Mitchell has going for him? He share a birthday with me and Josh Holloway…that’s gotta count for something right?

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