Drop Him

We all have them. There they are right there on your bench. They sit there as the Brian Hartline‘s the Marlon Brown’s and the Stephen Hill’s of the world get snatched up off of the waiver wire. But he’s such a big name that your league would call you crazy if you dropped him! Lucky for you, I’m not your league, and I don’t care what your league thinks. These are guys who won’t have a great season while there are still some lotto tickets out there like Robert Woods and Rod Streater and hey is that Isiah Pead working his way back?

Le’Veon Bell

Why not start off with a shocking name right? The Steelers are going to bring him along slow to not aggravate his injury further, so he wouldn’t be starting before week 6 or 7. Even then it would most likely be a timeshare with Redman. Maurkice Pouncey is done for the season so their best interior blocker is gone and the rest of the line is nothing to write home about. This is a line that would ruin Adrian Peterson so do you really feel comfortable starting anyone running behind them?

Lance Moore

A man that was a lock for the flex position a year ago has seemingly fallen out of favor in New Orleans. Here’s the caveat with Moore: He’s going to have a couple big games. However, these will come out of nowhere, and he would have probably been on your bench. Add a wrist injury to all of this and you have yourself a guy who won’t work his way in any fantasy goodness when you need it.

Montee Ball

The hype was real for the rookie coming into a stacked offense but there are more than a few reasons to worry. With the line banged up it will be Knowshon Moreno, (who is trusted more in pass protection) getting the valuable snaps at RB. The top priority for the Broncos is to keep Manning upright and Ball just doesn’t gaurentee that. With another fumble in garbage time his security issues could spell even less work for him if they continue.

Kenny Britt

Another Lance Moore type here. Britt was one a valued fantasy commodity but between struggles with his coaching staff and a lackluster passing offense and a QB that doesnt look his way too often I have no problem dumping him. A final thought on Britt: he tweeted that this was most likely his last year with the Titans, reminiscent of Beanie Wells who said that his final game last season was a “tryout” for the 31 other teams to show them what he was capable of. The result? Wells was benched and didn’t see the field. Teams don’t like you saying that you’re leaving and certainly won’t reward any player that does so.

Mark Ingram

You can pencil him in as your flex but I wouldn’t want him even as my 5th RB. A man who fails to impress every time he’s out there will destroy fantasy owners who wait patiently for any signs of life out of the once dominant college runner.

Bubble players – these guys should stay on your team…for now. They’re losing ground and soon will just be bench fodder.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis

He’s ceding goalline carries to Bernard and lacks the explosiveness of his younger teammate as well. A few more weeks of Gio Bernard doing what he does and the law firm might as well take up a suit against Bernard for robbery of his once secure job.

Stevan Ridley

Here’s a fun stat: last week Brandon Boldin played as many snaps as Ridley and lined up everywhere. It won’t take Bill Bellichek too long to realize that a convenient way to get Boldin the ball is starting him in the backfield and getting Ridley a nice recliner in his doghouse.

Justin Blackmon

I like Cecil Shorts better and unless Blackmon can prove that he can survive on an enimic offense he should be one of the first people you’re dropping for a waiver pickup.

Got someone on your bench who is driving you crazy? Comment below and see what we think about him!

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Thursday 2 Minute Drill

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to run an out route so we can get into field goal distance. This is your Thursday 2 Minute Drill to quickly lay out who will be a Fantasy Force for you tonight.

Them J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS provide a few fantasy people who deserve a look.

Kellen Winslow Jr. – I’m starting him tonight in my 12 man dynasty league, and if your league size is 12 or more you should as well. That old adage that rookie QBs look for the tight end as a safety? true with Geno Smith who will look for Winslow Jr. early and often to get a rhythm going.

Geno Smith – In a 2 QB league and waited to take your second signal caller? Geno will have your back. Currently tied for 23rd I say by the end of this week Geno will be somewhere between 18 and 15 for total QB points. This is a gut call prediction but I say he shows maturity far beyond his 60 minutes of pro ball in this divisional rivalry tonight.

Some Patriots who will be impressing you tonight

Tom Brady – The Jets secondary is still strong but Brady doesn’t foul up too much and his faith in his wideouts has to be growing.

Stevan Ridley – A rough night here could spell danger for last year’s biggest RB surprise, that’s why Ridley will be giving it all he’s got.

Julian Edelman – Amendola is doubtful for tonight’s game so guess who will be running all of Wes Welker’s old underneath routes? It’s the same guy who will be running the down the middle streaks that Gronk used to run. It’s going to be a HUGE game for him.

Kenbrell Thompkins – I’m still rolling with him this week, tied for the team high in targets and will be facing a smaller rookie  in Dee Milliner while Cromartie and Landry chase down Edelman.

Now a spot made for big predictions, I said in my first post that Robert Woods would score against the Pats and now I’ve come up with a format for these types of calls.



Those are all your Fantasy Force members coming out of this game tonight. Fill your lineups accordingly and watch tonight’s game at 8 PM on NFL Network.

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Confidence Collapse

We’ve all been there. It’s moments after the draft, you survey your lineup and that of the other teams in the league. Your team seems invincible, but then week 1 rolls around… That first round RB? 20 carries and 50 yards. That prized WR? 2 catches, 13 yards, and no score. Your lotto ticket TE gets no targets and all of this came when even average performances would get you the W because your QB went off, and now you feel like they wasted his best game of the season. Looking at your lineup and seeing a bunch of people you want to trade for any value at all? Well hold on because this post is for you. Here you will see all of the storylines that have you bugging out and wondering if your first round pick has suddenly hit the wall. In fact, last year provided two great examples of these worries being warranted for 1 player and totally outrageous for the other. Larry Fitzgerald had a rough time grabbing passes from John Skelton, who I hear is apparently a professional quarterback, and had a disastrous season for a potential first round pick. Then there’s Chris Johnson, who just got off to a slow start and rewarded patient owners. So with all that in mind here are some of the real and fake trends starting in the NFL.

  • Doug Martin – He was your first round pick so you’d like a little better than 65 yards. Sure the TD was a nice little add to keep our teams afloat but with 26 touches a better game than 65 yards on the ground (-1 receiving) is expected. However this was a build up of circumstance more than anything else. One of the best guards in the league, Carl Nicks was out for this game. Second, this isn’t just me being a homer but the Jets defense is much better than people think it is. Sheldon Richardson gives gang green a suitable bookend on the line to compliment Muhammad Wilkerson. With 7 total tackles from Richardson (3 solo 4 assisted) he took replacement guard Gabe Carimi to task and showed that he has a knack for finding the ball. Call this a fluke performance and remind yourself that Martin did some of his best work last year with both of his starting guards out.
  • Marshawn Lynch – Had an eerily similar day to Doug Martin’s. Again, he will have much better days on his horizon. Many will consider benching one of the most consistent runners in the league due to a stiff matchup with the 49ers up next but before doing so just remember that he topped the century mark in BOTH games again San Fran last season. What happened in this matchup then? Well the Carolina front seven is just straight up talented. And if you play in an IDP league or watched the game, then you know that Luke Kuechly is now the most talented middle linebacker in the NFL. Again, another dud game from a player that will give you many more good ones.
  • David Wilson – Oh boy…where do we start here? I’d say that David Wilson only feels comfortable in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse but I already used that line in my last post so I’ll say this instead, I get that it’s fun to prove the doubters wrong, but you don’t have to play bad to create the doubts…oh wait I already used that? Alright clever words aside here is what we can say about Wilson now. The free agent hunt for a running back by the Giants was not for a replacement, at least not a replacement of Wilson. These were calls to fill Andre Brown’s role, which is why we saw the signing of Brandon Jacobs and not let’s say Willis Mcgahee. Tiki Barber, a man who had ball security issues himself, said that Wilson’s problem is mechanical and not mental. And who would know better how to coach that out of Wilson than the man who did it for Barber…Tom Coughlin. He will probably have a bounceback but if you wait another week or two to field trade offers you run the risk of Wilson losing his value. That said, the Giants don’t have much of anyone else to turn to and Coughlin would rather not bench one of his most talented players just to teach him a lesson.
  • Dez Bryant…and Roddy White – Two quality top 10 wideout options usually these guys were battling ankle issues in week 1. White’s came as a bit of a shock because it was known about and although he didn’t practice it seemed like he would be fine to go. He later copped to being more of a decoy out there but what’s in the past is done, I say if you have a strong option for a sub feel free to bench White for this game and this game only but he will still do a little something here. If you really want you can grab Harry Douglas for insurance. As far as Bryant goes its a similar situation, currently questionable with a potential matchup with Brandon Flowers you can only check practice reports to see how he is progressing.
  • Calvin Johnson – There’s truly nothing to say here, it was an off day, and there were options in other parts of the field. Stop worrying and start him every week.
  • Trent Richardson – Kind of like Calvin with a caveat, he will get the touches and is a 3 down back for the Browns. It was an off day and he might not explode next week but with Josh Gordon back to stretch the field along with the emerging threat of Jordan Cameron Trent will have running lanes that you could drive a mack truck through.
  • Lamar Miller – The last real person we can lose ourselves over. with a 0.3 YPC and a goalline score vultured by Daniel Thomas there is a fair cause for concern. Here’s the good news, the Browns defense is much better at stopping the run this year, and the entire Dolphins offense had a rough outing so who’s to say that one out of sync game means a season of woes. If you have a roster spot open and you own Miller I’d consider nabbing Thomas I can tell you this though, if there is another bad outing by Miller on Sunday I would start trying to sell him for whatever I could get.

That’s all we could possibly lose ourselves over after week 1. Some guys just had an off game, others are possibly telling us that they aren’t ready to shoulder the fantasy load quite yet but if we’re being completely honest with you, it was just one week. No fantasy season is won in a single week of games, and no player loses their job after just one game (Not even David Wilson). Got any players making you nervous after a bad outing? Comment below to get our take on the reason you’re noticing more grey hairs.

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First Round Wrap Up (Part 2)

So this will be a quicker version as I’m still figuring out a consistent schedule to get my viewers quality content regularly.

It’s Monday night and some of you are still battling for that glorious first win of the season. As NFL teams are finding out today, there’s nothing sweeter than waking up 1-0 and fantasy owners are feeling the same.

TB vs. NYJ

As a Jets fan this was a far more compelling game than just stats. There were still some takeaways. The Jets D looked good and I now believe warrant a matchup play in most leagues and certainly deeper ones. Geno Smith sure did look like he had a good first game out of the box against a rather stout secondary. He made plays with his legs and had some nice throws on the run, most important was the single pick. It came on a scramble that was a rushed throw and it was a ball that should have been thrown out of bounds, a rookie mistake if there ever was one. I’ll say this, a deep dynasty league would warrant a nice stash. a last note is that currently no receiver or RB from the jets is worth a look and only Kellen Winslow is a pickup in deeper or PPR formats.

The Bucs run game looked rough but I think that more of a nod to the Jets D than the Bucs running game. the Bucs are back to looking, “youngry” on defense but luckily maturity issues should be wrapped up quick with players like Revis and HC Greg Schiano. Vincent Jackson looked great and Mike Williams is showing his owners that he was worth a pickup. With guard Carl Nicks returning sooner than later expect Doug Martin to do well even against the better front sevens.


Not a whole lot of fantasy analysis here so just one paragraph. Jordan Cameron is now part of the group of TE’s that nobody ooh’d or aah’d about when you drafted him and will keep you in games some weeks. Trent Richardson threw up a dud but he’ll be fine. I know Matthew Berry is high on Lamar Miller but a guy who couldn’t win the job outright in training camp looked slow. Daniel Thomas is no Adrian Peterson and that should speak a lot about Miller’s talent. Mike Wallace is going to be the NFL’s version of Mo Vaughn, and Brian Hartline will be a fine flex most weeks. Outside of that there’s nothing else to touch on here.


The Colts looked alright here and you’ve got to be happy if you own Andrew Luck. In year 2 I don’t see him having any crazy box scores but the rushing TD was nice to see. The baseline for him should be between 1-3 TDs total and around 200 yards through the air. Another steady day for Reggie Wayne, some say this is a little higher than his usual output will be but I believe that if Luck is going to take the next step in becoming a dominant QB Wayne will be a huge part of it. As far as the RB situation in Indy goes lets say it’s a timeshare that Ahmad Bradshaw will take over 70-30 by week 5 or so.

Oakland showed that they will be an intriguing team to watch this NFL and fantasy season. I don’t like the receivers but Rod Streeter looked like he had the best chemistry with Pryor. And while we’re on him Pryor will be a sneaky little pickup in 2QB leagues but certainly nobody you would want to start in a standard one. Darren McFadden will drive owners crazy this year and i don’t want any part of him, good performance of bad. His O-line is maddening and will keep him from being a consistent fantasy option.

KC vs. JAC

KC had the game you expected them to have minus Dwayne Bowe. However, I think there are sunnier times ahead for the former fantasy stud WR. Jacksonville also played the game you expected but in a bad way. MJD will have better days as well but beyond that there isn’t much to talk about in this game. The only updates are that Jamaal Charles would have been fine to return had the game not been put to bed and Chad Henne will be starting next week due to Gabbert’s lacerated career…err hand.

NO vs. ATL

With the exception of Roddy White this was the fantasy game you wanted. White said later that he was out as a decoy but fantasy owners know well that hindsight is 20/20 but maybe next week if you have a confident option you can bench White. There’s no other analysis here except for the fact that ATL will run it more because this was a game where they faced an offense as talented as theirs, a rarity in today’s NFL.


Just a horrible game here. I don’t want any wideout from the Titans, or QB or TE, in fact CJ2K is the only one I want but he’s a low end RB2 with days like that. As far as PIT i can’t see myself confidently rolling with any fantasy player from this team.

GB vs. SF

They were offsetting deadball penalties! Staley shouldn’t have been charged a penalty! Clay Matthews’ hair makes me jealous! Whatever. It’s over and the fantasy chips fell where they did. Frank Gore wasn’t terribly inspiring bu that’s about the only negative. Vernon Davis looked great, Michael Crab… uh Anquan Boldin looked phenomenal and was Kaep’s new toy out there. And Kaep? Absolutely brilliant! he made plays with his arm, not his legs and will enjoy quite the season, like you didn’t know that.

Rodgers was also great. Finley, Nelson, and Cobb were great. James Jones had a bit of a fluke day but I’m not seeing big things out of him this year anyway. Eddie Lacy had a respectable showing in a game where he was facing a top run D in a game where it always felt like his team was throwing to keep pace. I’m not worried about the fumble because the only other RB to get a carry only got 1. He will have some astounding days as Green Bay has not had a running back with his power and explosiveness in a while. If you question this just look at that screen pass he grabbed.


We didn’t get to see the “secret plan” for Tayvon Austin and honestly I don’t think there’s much of one anyway. Jared Cook looked like a whole different player didn’t he? I now regret passing on him for a lotto ticket RB. The Rams RB’s remain an unsolved puzzle. And there isn’t much else to speak of.

Arizona looked improved with Carson Palmer but then again I had moments where I thought I could fill in for John Skelton last year. Now if only they had an offensive line made out of professionals… Due to Palmer, Fitz is back to form and both Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts were good out there. And all the talk about the mess that is the running back situation on the Cardinals was warranted.


The last game of the Sunday roundup had a lot of storylines. After 2 fumbles, a key block missed, and a goalline stuff David Wilson is t a place he knows well, Tom Coughlin’s doghouse. Seriously, it’s like he doesn’t feel comfortable anywhere else. I get that it’s fun to prove the doubters wrong, but you don’t have to play bad to create the doubts. Eli struggled out of the gate and somehow ended up with a decent stat line. Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks looks good. Check that, Nicks was good, Cruz was great. Don’t pupt much on Brandon Myers, as a guy who loved him last year I can’t see myself getting worked up for him this one.

Romo looked good out there and displayed toughness coming back into the game. DeMarco Murray had a nice game and nabbed himself some passes as well. Miles Austin was a tremendous value pick if you grabbed him and Witten was Witten. Dez Bryant was battling ankle issues in this game but lets face it, if he’s playing you’re starting him.

There’s your first week round up, at least the quick and dirty version. Check back Wednesday for some waiver/free agent adds, and some quick trade info. Hopefully you have any of the Eagles players on your roster tonight for your comeback effort.

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First Round Wrap Up (Part 1)

Like the title says, the first round of games has wrapped and now we look back at the fantasy world to see how everyone produced.

NE vs. BUF

Boy was this game closer than anyone expected. Trendy sleeper EJ Manuel had an alright game slinging for a buck fifty and two TD’s. I hope you weren’t starting him but as a guy on your bench he should be a fine BYE week or matchup play if you waited too long on a QB.  You may remember in the last post I mentioned Robert Woods (who grabbed one of those TD’s) as a guy you should be watching. Woods is a superb talent who is a good compliment to Stevie Johnson who grabbed six points for himself as well. CJ Spiller had a mediocre performance for someone you drafted in the first with just 41 rushing and 14 receiving yards. Fred Jackson had better numbers than Spiller here but I wouldn’t pick him up unless you’re desperate for help at the flex.

This could be me panicking as i nabbed him in a big league as my primary but oh man did Zach Sudfeld lay a goose egg. Patriots TE’s on the whole didn’t get much done so if you started Sudfeld like I did you’re looking elsewhere for week 2 options. Staying with the bad Stevan Ridley didn’t see the field much after a fumble on a potential Patriots scoring drive. Shane Vereen should be owned in every league already but if Ridley finds himself in the doghouse again it could lead to Legarrete Blount being a sneaky pickup. Now the Pats good: their wideouts put up some great numbers for a group that supposedly had a lot of question marks. Julian Edelman took all of those middle of the field looks that typically went to Gronk turning in 79 yards and 2 touchdowns. Following that was Danny Amendola who racked up 104 yards even though he didn’t find paydirt at all in this game. it was still nice to see him battle through a groin injury that initially had him questionable to return. Last but not least it was my fantasy Superman Kenbrell Thompkins who logged 42 yards and got a ton of redzone looks from Brady. The chemistry needs to build a little more but the looks he was getting were encouraging. And more, even with Leodis McKelvin draped all over him on a 3rd and 8 it was Thompkins who got the look from Brady. I still see big things from this guy.


Call this an odd day for the first wideout coming off the board in pretty much every draft as Calvin Johnson finishes second to teammate Nate Burleson having 37 yards, Nate grabbed 78. And anyone who grabbed Reggie bush due to his pass catching ability is looking like a genius after that long touchdown. and Stafford had a nice day throwing for 350+ and 2TD vs 1 INT. Last note on Lions, Brandon Pettigrew didnt do too much of anything and remains a player you start and cringe, my bigger worry way Joique Bell taking redzone looks from Bush and converting.

For the Vikings the fantasy and real game starts and ends with Adrian Peterson. And boy did he do his owners a solid grabbing 93 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground. And oh wait that wasn’t all as he grabbed 4 passes for 18 yards and another TD. This is why he’s the first overall choice in drafts and the standout of your fantasy team. The only other fantasy force was Jerome Simpson who had a huge day for absolutely nobody. 7 for 140 is nice but if he isn’t in your lineup, and he wasn’t, it doesn’t mean much.


Not quite the fantasy gold game we were hoping for the Seahawks outside of Russel Wilson owners. throwing for 320 and a TD. His beneficiaries were Jermaine Kearse who had 2 for 49 and a score, Doug Baldwin who went 7 for 91 Golden Tate had 51 yards on 4 catches and Sidney Rice had two grabs for 35. Last Fantasy Force was Marshawn Lynch who wasn’t all that forceful with 17 carries for 43 yards and 2 receptions for 9 yards.

On to Carolina where DeAngelo Williams had a nice day. Outside of a fumble he had 16 attempts for 76 yards and worked out to be a solid flex play. Cam Newton gave you 38 yards on the ground and 125 in the air. The TD chipped in some extra points for Newton but a top-5 or 7 QB needs to have better days. The only WR we need to talk about from Carolina is Steve Smith, who had 51 yards and a TD for himself, solid numbers from a guy who just showed you his fantasy floor as far as bad days go.


The last game I’ll be covering in part one is the Hard Knocks darlings the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the new look Chicago Bears.

Cincy had a bit of a surprising day with Gio Bernard not seeing the field as much as I would have liked. He is still a solid stash in deeper leagues and keepers and 4 for 22 and a catch for 8 yards could have been worse for a Rookie who is behind an established starter. As I said in the first post I don’t see Bernard turning it on until late so there’s no need for alarm here. New things may be tried sooner than later with the law firm only going 25 yards on 14 carries (1.7 ypc). AJ Green showed us that all the offseason hype wasn’t wrong as he went off for  162 yards and two touchdowns. Andy Dalton finished well with 282 with 2 a piece for TDs and INTs.

Chicago came in with the QB whisperer Marc Trestman taking over and in a close game they pulled one out. Cutler had 242 with 2 TDs and 1 pick. And their leading receiver? None other than Alshon Jeffrey! Just kidding, it was Brandon Marshall, and you knew that. Marshall hauled in 8 catches for 104 and a TD and his counterpart Jeffrey had 5 for 42 and if you have a crazy BYE week at some point you could do worse. and our last player of analysis goes to Matt Forte. With 19 attempts for 50 yards it doesn’t look like he had a great game but chalk up a rushing TD and 4 catches for 41 yards and you have a really solid day. Even better was that the rushing TD came from the redzone where many assumed Michael Bush would do all of his damage.

There you have it, the first set of the first games recapped, and as always, may the fantasy force be with you.

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Getting Started

The preseason has come to a close. The position battles are over. The Tebow hype has finally come to an end. The official NFL Kickoff is mere hours away and here I sit, starting a fantasy football blog.

Sadly, you have all completed your drafts (well most of them) and I cannot advise you that Kenbrell Thompkins, who I own in every league, will not only be your MVP due to where he is being picked, but that I believe he outscores Danny Amendola for the year. I cant tell you that Gio Bernard will turn it up later this year and be a top flex option if not a solid RB 2. Maybe what I regret most of all is that I can’t tell you that Dwayne Bowe will be a top 10 WR this year.

Here’s what I can tell you: I’ve been playing fantasy football since I was a freshman in high school, I’ve had a string of great waiver pickups like Samkon Gado, Legarette Blount, and as recent as last year, Colin Kaepernick. The last bit of good news? Having recently graduated from college, I’ve been able to prepare like never before.

The guy that watches preseason to see which unexpected rookies look like they can step in and make a difference? That’s me. (and by the way its Dallas RB Joseph Randle)

The guy that reads practice reports to see who the coaches are talking about and praising? That’s me.

And most beneficial (or terrifying depending on how you look at it).

The guy that has HANDWRITTEN rankings of players…by position? Me.

This is the level of dedication you’re getting from me is second to maybe only Matthew Berry. In fact I have a draft coming up at 7 o’clock, one last one to get my fix and here is why I started this blog. For all the work we put into it, the draft isn’t everything. The season is defined by trades and waiver wire brilliance, The draft is merely the foundation for all of this. You and I will be together for 16 weeks trying to get the highest scoring team into our lineup. These lineups won’t exclusively contain players we’ve drafted, and those guys are the difference.

But you came here for some quick football advice and since you were so kind as to read up to here, this is the reward I can give you: some watch list players. These are the guys that your opponents won’t be looking at terribly close early in the year so if at some point you have an open roster spot feel free to stash them. We can talk more in-depth about them at later times, for now, just a list and a quick sentence of two.

The previously mentioned Joe Randle RB DAL

Christine Michael RB SEA (especially in keeper leagues)

Stephen Hill WR NYJ somebody has to break out for my Jets…right?

Robert Woods WR BUF while you’re all looking at Stevie Johnson I’m looking at Woods

Jon Baldwin WR SF he’s rumored to still be lacking an offensive roll but I bet he emerges around week 7, right when you’re looking for a sneaky lottery ticket bye week fill in.

Jordan Cameron TE CLE runs a good seam route, will have all of those middle of the field looks while Josh Gordon blazes down the sideline.

Justin Hunter WR TEN when one of the Titans wideouts goes down with a hammy injury Hunter will shine

Marcel Reece RB OAK similar to Hunter, when McFadden eventually goes down I’m betting that he gets the first crack at starting

Benny Cunningham RB STL we’ve seen that no Rams RB can separate from the field, this might lead the coaching staff to give Cunningham some carries and see what he’s made of.

There you have it, the men to watch early. Sure some like Cameron might be rostered already but that doesn’t mean that I can’t show you how to buy low on him in week 2.

Good luck in the coming fantasy season and keep checking back for more content, I’ll be updating as often as possible. Got a question? Comment here and I will get back with a response as soon as I can.

May the Fantasy Force be with you.

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